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  "We did not invent the wheel, but we can stop it from turning"  

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In 1886 the first vehicle was driven on public roads, ten years later the first vehicle was reported stolen! In the subsequent 130 years of vehicle manufacturing the number of auto thefts have increased exponentially. Between 2010 and 2016 more than 50 million vehicles were reported stolen around the globe. Every year Billions of Dollars are paid out by Insurance companies and even larger quantities are invested by manufacturers to develop systems that reduce vehicle theft.

The founders of HALT Lock started with the development of this world wide patent, with three objectives in mind, to produce a product that can:

  • Eliminate vehicle theft completely, giving the vehicle owner the Peace of mind that once his vehicle is locked and left unattended, it cannot be taken by anyone else.
  • At the same time, offering vehicle manufacturers a substantial reduction in manufacturing costs per vehicle by eliminating the need for expensive electronic immobilization systems.
  • Finally, reducing the amount of insurance claims due to vehicle theft.

We are proud to present you with "HALT Lock™", a one of a kind, tamper proof product that makes it impossible to move a vehicle from its parked position. "HALT Lock" is the solution to a 130 year old problem….

HALT Lock Commercial

Product Overview


Fail Safe System

"HALT Lock" is a fail safe system and cannot engage while the vehicle is moving even if the system is activated.

Engage On Stop

"HALT Lock" will only engage when the vehicle comes to a stop.

Normal Operation

Once the vehicle is parked, the doors are locked with the vehicle’s remote key, the same frequency from the key is picked up by our "HALT Lock" unit and the lock is engaged making wheel movement impossible without unlocking the vehicle with its unique remote key.

Carjacking Operation

As seen in our video, this dramatic experience is normally over in a few short seconds. When the vehicle is taken with the keys the "HALT Lock" can be activated using any mobile phone, should yours be taken with the vehicle. The user simply sends a text message with their unique activation code to the GSM Module located inside the tamper proof box. The user will immediately receive a confirmation text from the unit confirming activation. The moment the vehicle comes to a stop, for example at a traffic light or stop sign, "HALT Lock" will engage making it impossible to move the vehicle any further. The user will then receive another text confirming engagement with the coordinates and location of the vehicle which can be provided to authorities for recovery.

HALT Lock Demonstration

Other key features



"HALT Lock" cannot be bypassed or tampered with.

Vehicle Tracking

"HALT Lock" has made provision within our tamperproof unit for vehicle tracking systems. This will enable integration with existing fleet management solutions.

Commercial Fleets

"HALT Lock"can lock a whole fleet of commercial vehicles, trucks or earth moving equipment with one sms as and when needed.

For All Vehicles

"HALT Lock" is future ready and can be installed on any electric or hybrid vehicles.

Old or New

"HALT Lock" can be installed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer or after market

Battery Alert

"HALT Lock" has a single wire which provides power to the backup battery. Should the wire be cut in an attempt to deactivate the system it will have no affect on the operation of the unit. Without external power the battery will naturally run down, as soon as this happens the GSM module will automatically send a text message to the owner informing him that a check on the battery should be done.

HALT Lock™



“HALT Lock” is an inexpensive product which reduces vehicle manufacturing costs substantially as it replaces more expensive electronic systems designed to protect vehicles against auto theft.
“HALT Lock” is a unique, first of its kind product which will make vehicles installed with our product far more attractive to prospective buyers.
“HALT Lock” will give the end user peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle will be exactly where they parked it and that it can be recovered in the event of a carjacking.
“HALT Lock” is patented globally and will be available world wide for any of the 600 million vehicles built in the past 10 years or any vehicle yet to be manufactured.
“HALT Lock” will reduce the auto theft claims paid out by Insurance companies by the number of vehicles installed with our product, possibly also reducing monthly insurance premiums paid by customers by as much as 30%.

HALT Lock™

HALT Lock™

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